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Wong’s Residence

  We started this project in 2008.  The property over looks Bear Lake and is a vacation cabin and not the primary residence for the Wong family.  Phase 1 consists of designing and construction of the Trout pond, rough grading, grubbing, soil preparation, rock retaining walls, Belgard paver patios, flagstone paths with stone bridges here

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Drill Seeding

What is Drill Seeding? Drill seeding, also known as erosion control, is the sowing of seed in the soil using a drill seeding device. Drill Seeding is used in disturbed soil areas and flatter than a three to one H:V ratio that are accessible by equipment. What Are the Benefits? Sowing the seed directly in

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Grass Plus, Inc. specializes in all types of seeding, soil stabilizing, erosion control and re-vegetation. We can design landscapes and irrigation systems that meet your site specific needs and desires, or we can follow an architect/engineer set of plans and specifications. We at Grass Plus, Inc., do all of our own work and do not

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