Commercial Landscaping

Landscape / Irrigation

Grass Plus, Inc. is a full landscape and irrigation contractor.  We specialize in all types of landscaping and irrigation projects.  We can design landscapes and irrigation systems that meet your site specific needs and desires, or we can follow an architect/engineer set of plans and specifications.  We at Grass Plus, Inc., do all of our own work and do not hire subcontractors, this gives us a great advantage on getting projects completed on time as well as maintaining the highest degree of quality. Our managers have over twenty five years of experience successfully completing projects.

Landscape/Irrigation Specializing In:
Plants/Trees/Shrubs Soil Amendments
Irrigation Controllers Water Features/Ponds/Waterfalls
Bark Mulches Filters
Backflow Preventers Weather Rain
Grading Surface Wells
Topsoil Pathways/Trails
Stations Soil Testing
Retaining Walls Patio Pavers
Borders/Edging Erosion Control
Hydro Seeding Lawns/Wildflowers/Native Grasses Irrigation
Cobble Rock/ Boulders Lighting
Projects Completed for:
Universities/Colleges Government Agencies
Large Commercial Landfills
Small Commercial Roads/Highways/Damns
Airports Land Development
Parks/Golf Courses Home Owners
States Projects Completed In:
Utah Washington
Wyoming Oregon
North Dakota Arizona
Montana Nevada
Idaho Colorado

Size of Projects:
No job is too big or too small!

Please call for references, bids and for more information.