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Landscape Lighting in Utah

Grass Plus, Inc. specializes in all forms of outdoor lighting. We specialize in Utah outdoor lighting design and installation. Exterior lighting for your property helps to enhance the look and feel of your property while also becoming an extra security step to keep your property safe. We repair and maintain all types of exterior lighting systems to ensure your home looks it’s best!

Using low voltage, energy efficient products, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor space.  Outdoor lighting for you landscape doesn’t mean glaring intrusive lights, but rather a creative and elegant way to accent you architectural or landscape features,  highlight walkways and steps, illuminate the deck for evening get-togethers, and add more security around your home.

LED Outdoor Lighting Installation

Grass Plus offers low voltage, LED and other types of lighting to create the exact ambiance you want for your home and landscape.  Our low voltage lighting operates from low voltage transformer with both timers and photo cells so you lights automatically turn on when the sun falls behinds the peak, or you can schedule exactly what times you’d like to use them.

Give us a call and let us show you what we can achieve with accent lighting around your home.  Outdoor lighting can be designed and easily added to your home.

Security embellishment & ambiance are all good reasons to bring outdoor lighting into your landscape.