Don’t Get Fined! Utah Snow Removal Law Explained

Utah’s winters are known for their stunning landscapes and cozy nights by the fireplace. But let’s face it: heavy snowfall can also create a major headache – especially when it comes to snow removal. Before a winter storm hits, it’s crucial to understand Utah’s snow removal laws to avoid getting fined and ensure safety for yourself and others. So, when to shovel snow off the driveway? This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to navigate Utah’s snowy season with confidence.Blog3 AprGP Info - Grass Plus, Inc.

 Stay Safe, Stay Compliant: A Guide to Utah’s Snow Removal Laws for Property Owners 

Utah law places the responsibility for snow removal on property owners, not just the plows. This applies to both homeowners and business owners.


Who is Responsible for Snow Removal in Utah? 

 Homeowners vs. Renters: Clearing Up Confusion 

It is usually the responsibility of homeowners to clear away any snow and ice that accumulates on the sidewalks adjacent to their property. Determining when is the best time to shovel snow will also depend on one’s schedule. However, some rental agreements may specify that snow removal falls to the tenant. Be sure to check your lease agreement for clarification.

 Business Owners Beware: Maintaining Safe Access for Customers 

Business owners have a responsibility to ensure safe access for customers by clearing snow and ice from sidewalks and walkways surrounding their property. This includes areas leading to entrances and exits.


What Needs to be Cleared? A Breakdown of Snow Removal Requirements 

 Sidewalk Safety First: The Importance of Clear Pathways 

Your primary focus should be clearing a safe path for pedestrians on the sidewalks adjacent to your property. This allows them to walk safely without venturing into traffic or risking a slip and fall. Try not to be the “neighbor blowing snow on my property” reported by your neighboring house or establishment.

 How Wide is Wide Enough? Minimum Clearance Standards 

Utah law requires a minimum clearance of 42 inches on sidewalks. If the sidewalk is narrower, you’re required to clear the entire width. The ultimate aim is to establish a secure and easily approachable route that is available to all.

 Don’t Forget the Extras: Clearing Mailboxes and Fire Hydrants 

Your snow removal duties extend beyond just the sidewalk. You’re also responsible for clearing snow and ice around your property’s mailbox and fire hydrants. This ensures easy access for mail delivery and emergency services in case of a fire.

 Driveway Dilemma: Are You Responsible for Plowed Snow? 

While the responsibility for clearing public roads falls to the state or local government, you may be faced with snow piled up at the end of your driveway by a passing plow. Unfortunately, Utah law doesn’t require you to remove this snow. However, you should avoid blocking the flow of traffic by pushing the plowed snow back into the street.


When Does Snow Removal Need to Happen? Time Limits and Expectations 

 Tick-Tock! The Clock Starts After the Snow Stops 

The good news is that you don’t have to rush out and shovel the moment the snowflakes start falling. Utah law grants you a reasonable timeframe to complete snow removal.

 24 Hours or Less: The Golden Rule for Sidewalk Clearing 

In most Utah cities, you have 24 hours after the snowfall ends to remove snow and ice from your sidewalks. This allows time for the storm to pass and for the snow to accumulate before requiring removal.

 Multiple Snowfalls: Keeping Up with Winter’s Wrath 

If you’re hit with multiple snowfalls in a short period, the 24-hour clock typically resets after each snowfall ends. This ensures you have enough time to address each snowfall without getting overwhelmed.


What Not to Do During Snow Removal: Common Mistakes to Avoid 

 Shoveling Snow the Wrong Way: Techniques to Prevent Back Pain and Property Damage 

Shoveling snow can be a strenuous activity. It is important to use proper techniques in order to prevent back pain and injuries. Bend at the knees, lift with your legs, and don’t overload your shovel. Additionally, be careful not to damage your property while removing snow, such as scraping your driveway with a shovel. Keep shovelling sidewalk laws in mind.

 Don’t Block the Flow: Where Not to Pile Removed Snow 

While it’s tempting to push the snow into the street, Utah law prohibits this practice. Doing so can obstruct traffic and create hazardous conditions for drivers. Instead, pile the removed snow on your lawn or in another designated area.

 Salting Strategies: Choosing the Right De-Icing Methods 

Salt is a common de-icing method, but it’s important to use it strategically. Overuse of salt can damage vegetation and harm the environment. Consider using a sand mixture or opting for pet-safe de-icing products on walkways and around mailboxes.

 From Warning to Citation: Understanding the Enforcement Process 

Utah cities typically enforce snow removal laws through a complaint-driven system. This means that neighbors or concerned citizens can report uncleared sidewalks to the local authorities. If a violation is found, you may receive a warning first. However, continued non-compliance can result in fines.

 How Much Will It Cost You? Potential Fines for Non-Compliance 

The exact amount of fines for violating snow removal laws can vary depending on the city or municipality. However, penalties can range anywhere from $25 to $100 or more per violation. Remember, these fines can quickly add up, so it’s best to comply with the law and avoid the hassle.


Additional Tips for Safe and Efficient Snow Removal 

 Gearing Up for Winter: Essential Tools for Effective Snow Removal 

Having the right tools can make snow removal a breeze. Invest in a sturdy snow shovel with an ergonomic handle to prevent back strain. A snowblower can be a time-saver for larger areas, but ensure you use it safely and responsibly. De-icing products like salt or sand can also be helpful for keeping walkways clear.

 Hiring Help: When Professional Snow Removal Makes Sense 

If you’re unable to remove snow yourself due to physical limitations or time constraints, consider hiring a professional snow removal service. Investing in this can be a smart decision, especially for seniors or individuals with hectic schedules.

 Staying Safe in the Snow: Tips to Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls 

Snow and ice can create slippery conditions. Wear proper footwear with good traction when venturing outside during winter. Be extra cautious on steps and inclines, and use handrails for added support. If you must walk on uncleared sidewalks, proceed slowly and take small steps.



 Winter Woes Be Gone! Peace of Mind with Utah Snow Removal Knowledge 

Ensure a safe and compliant winter season for you and your neighbors by understanding Utah’s snow removal laws and following these tips. Remember, regular snow removal helps prevent accidents and keeps walkways accessible for everyone. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to enjoy Utah’s winter without stress.


Resources and Support: Where to Find More Information on Utah Snow Removal Laws 

For further details and specific regulations, consult your local city or county website. Many municipalities provide resources and information regarding snow removal expectations and enforcement procedures. Additionally, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) website offers winter preparedness tips and resources to help you stay safe on the roads during snowy conditions.


Your Trusted Partner for Reliable Snow Removal 

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