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Expert Huntsville Landscaping

Huntsville, Texas, is a city blessed with natural beauty, from rolling hills to scenic waterways. Fully enjoying this allure demands expert Huntsville landscaping. With its changing climate, Huntsville needs trusted professionals like Grass Plus, Inc. to enhance and preserve its charm.

For over 30 years, Grass Plus, Inc. has enriched Huntsville’s homes and businesses with exceptional landscaping. Our expertise not only enhances your outdoor space but also adds substantial value to your property. Experience top-quality Huntsville landscaping and elevate your curb appeal with Grass Plus, Inc. Call us now!

hardscaping featuring small waterfalls and stone beds
lawn adorned with flowers and stones
stone staircase adorned with limestone, green plants, and flowers
a designed hardscape featuring a small water retention area

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Our Huntsville Landscaping

At Grass Plus, Inc., we provide landscaping services that suit your needs and vision. Here’s what we offer:

1. Landscape Design & Install

Through innovative design concepts, we transform outdoor spaces into an oasis of beauty. Our landscaping experts will work with you and consider your property’s specific attributes to craft a sustainable, personalized landscape that enhances your living experience.

2. Lawn Maintenance

We offer comprehensive, year-round lawn maintenance services. Our experts ensure your lawns stay green, healthy, and manicured to enhance the visual appeal of your property. We’ll take care of everything, from mowing and fertilizing to weed control and aeration.

3. Hydroseeding

Our hydroseeding service is an efficient, cost-effective solution for vegetation establishment on large terrains and slopes. It combines seed, mulch, and fertilizer into a slurry that is sprayed onto the ground to promote rapid, uniform growth.

4. Irrigation Design Build & Install

We provide streamlined irrigation solutions that conserve water while ensuring optimal hydration for your landscape. Our team designs, builds, and installs systems tailored to your property’s specific needs, guaranteeing efficient watering.

5. Erosion Control

Our Huntsville landscaping services include erosion control to ensure the longevity and health of your landscape. We employ an array of effective solutions, like barrier installation, strategic planting, and earthworks, to protect your property.

6. Reclamation

Disturbed lands, whether by construction or natural events, can be rehabilitated with our reclamation services. We work to restore these areas to their natural state or adapt them for economically beneficial uses, preserving the local ecosystem.

7. Wetland Restoration

Wetlands are vital ecosystems, and our restoration services aim to enhance and protect these habitats. We implement measures to promote biodiversity, improve water quality, and foster the health of these crucial environmental spaces.

The Benefits of Our Huntsville Landscaping

At Grass Plus, Inc., our diverse range of landscaping services doesn’t just beautify your outdoor spaces—they bring a myriad of invaluable benefits. Here are some ways our clients benefit from our landscaping in Huntsville:

1. Enhanced Aesthetics

Our landscape design & installation and lawn maintenance services heighten your property’s appeal, making it a visual delight for residents and visitors alike.

2. Increased Property Value

A well-maintained landscape can significantly increase your property’s value, which is why our services are a worthy investment for both homeowners and commercial property owners.

3. Efficient Resource Usage

Our hydroseeding and irrigation design build & install services promote the effective use of resources and reduce waste.

4. Environmental Preservation

Our erosion control and wetland restoration services contribute to environmental conservation. We help maintain the balance of local ecosystems and promote biodiversity.

5. Site Rehabilitation

With our reclamation services, disturbed lands can be restored to usable states, thus preventing the wastage of valuable land resources and aiding in environmental recovery.

6. Stress Reduction

beautifully designed and maintained landscape can provide a relaxing environment that reduces stress and enhances overall well-being.

Why Choose Us for Huntsville Landscaping

Many companies offer professional Huntsville landscaping, but Grass Plus, Inc. stands as the best choice. Here’s why many government agencies, commercial property owners, and land developers trust our services:

1. Quality and Streamlined Landscaping Services Since 1993

We’ve been delivering top-tier, efficient landscaping solutions for over three decades. Our longstanding service record bears testament to our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

2. Guaranteed Landscaping Results

At Grass Plus, Inc., we ensure stunning results for every project we work on. Our services come with a performance guarantee, promising you a picturesque, thriving landscape.

3. Well-Versed Across Diverse Industries

Not only are we experts in residential projects, but our team is also well-versed in commercial landscaping. Our wide-ranging expertise allows us to understand and cater to unique landscaping needs across diverse industries.

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