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Trusted Hydroseeding Services

Hydroseeding is vital for land restoration and vegetation establishment. It involves spraying a slurry mixture of seeds, mulch, fertilizers, and binding agents onto bare or disturbed soil. Hydroseeding is a cost-effective alternative to traditional seeding methods, protects seeds from erosion, and creates an optimal environment for germination.

Grass Plus, Inc. specializes in providing high-quality hydroseeding services. Our experienced team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and premium materials for optimal results. We offer site evaluation, soil analysis, seed selection, and customized slurry mixtures. From large-scale reclamation projects to residential landscaping, we are your trusted partner for ensuring successful vegetation establishment.

Our Hydroseeding Process

Hydroseeding is a reliable and efficient method for establishing vegetation on various terrains. Here is the process that we follow in order to ensure the best results:

1. Site Preparation

We begin by clearing the designated area and removing debris, rocks, or unwanted vegetation. Our team also grades or loosens the soil, whenever necessary, to create an optimal seedbed.

2. Slurry Mixing

Our experienced team prepares a customized slurry mixture by carefully blending high-quality seeds, mulch, fertilizers, binding agents, and water in our specialized hydroseeding equipment.

3. Precise Application

Using state-of-the-art hydroseeding equipment, we evenly spray the slurry onto the prepared soil and ensure complete coverage across the area. Our skilled operators employ precise techniques to achieve optimal distribution.

4. Vigorous Growth

With the seeds in our slurry, germination begins as they absorb moisture from the soil and the slurry mixture. We follow proper watering and maintenance practices to foster robust seed growth and establish healthy vegetation.

5. Soil Stabilization

As the seeds germinate, the mulch in our slurry forms a protective layer, safeguarding the soil from erosion and retaining essential moisture. This promotes effective soil stabilization and prevents further erosion.

6. Ongoing Care

We emphasize the importance of regular watering, monitoring, and maintenance to maximize the success of hydroseeding. Our team provides guidance on proper watering schedules, protection against extreme weather conditions, and weed control measures.

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The Benefits of Professional Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding offers numerous benefits, making it a popular choice for reclamation, erosion control, landscaping, and land development projects. Here are a few reasons why we highly recommend you invest in it:

1. Rapid Vegetation Growth

Hydroseeding enables rapid and robust growth of vegetation. The slurry mixture creates an ideal environment for seed germination, resulting in the quick establishment of plants compared to traditional seeding methods.

2. Erosion Control

The mulch in the hydroseeding slurry acts as a protective layer that prevents soil erosion due to wind, water, and other environmental factors. It stabilizes slopes, prevents sediment runoff, and preserves the landscape’s integrity.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Hydroseeding provides a cost-effective solution, particularly for large-scale projects. It eliminates the need for manual seed sowing and labor-intensive processes, reduces overall costs, and saves time.

4. Uniform Coverage

Hydroseeding ensures the even distribution of seeds and mulch across the designated area, resulting in uniform vegetation growth. This creates a visually appealing and well-established landscape.

5. Versatility

Professionals can apply hydroseeding to various types of terrain, including slopes, inaccessible areas, and challenging landscapes. It allows for effective seed distribution in areas where traditional seeding methods may be impractical.

6. Soil Improvement

The hydroseeding slurry includes fertilizers and additives that enhance soil fertility and health. It improves plant nutrient absorption, which leads to healthier and more sustainable vegetation growth.

7. Customization

Hydroseeding offers customization based on project requirements. It will enable tailoring seed types, mulch compositions, and additives to specific soil conditions, climate, and vegetation goals.


Here are some of the most asked questions regarding hydroseeding:

Hydroseeding is a method of planting grass, vegetation, or ground cover by spraying a mixture of seeds, mulch, fertilizer, and water onto the soil surface using specialized equipment called a hydroseeder.

It works by combining the seeds, mulch, fertilizer, tackifiers, and water in a hydroseeder tank. The mixture is then sprayed evenly over the designated area to promote optimal conditions for seed germination and plant growth.

Over conventional seeding methods, hydroseeding offers several advantages, including faster and more uniform germination, better erosion control, and the ability to cover large areas more efficiently.

This largely depends on the climate and the type of seeds. Generally, the optimal time is during the spring or fall when soil temperatures and moisture levels are suitable for seed germination. Consulting with local experts or landscapers can help determine the ideal timing for your specific location.

Yes. The mixture sprayed during hydroseeding adheres to the soil and provides effective erosion control, preventing soil loss and promoting vegetation establishment even on steep slopes.

The time required can vary depending on factors such as seed type, climate conditions, soil quality, and maintenance practices. Typically, visible growth can occur within a week or two, but the vegetation may take several weeks or months to establish fully.

Proper maintenance includes regular watering to keep the seeded area moist, avoiding foot traffic or excessive use until the vegetation is established, mowing at the appropriate height, and applying additional fertilizer or soil amendments as needed.

Hydroseeding is considered environmentally friendly due to its ability to control erosion, reduce sediment runoff, and promote vegetation growth. Additionally, using biodegradable mulch materials and the targeted application of seeds and fertilizers minimize waste and potential environmental impacts.

The requirement for a license to perform hydroseeding can vary depending on the jurisdiction and local regulations. A license or certification may be necessary for some areas to offer hydroseeding services as a professional contractor. These are often associated with landscape contracting or erosion control activities.

Hydroseeding eliminates the need for manual seeding, reduces labor costs, and enables efficient coverage of extensive areas. The reduced time required for establishment and erosion control can also lead to long-term cost savings.

Yes. It is commonly used for residential lawns, parks, sports fields, golf courses, commercial landscaping, and large-scale land restoration projects. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

While anyone can do hydroseeding, hiring professionals is highly recommended for larger projects or when specialized equipment and expertise are needed. Professional hydroseeding contractors have the necessary equipment, knowledge, and experience to ensure optimal results for proper seed selection, application, and maintenance.

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