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Restore the condition of your property's land and prevent soil erosion by hiring Grass Plus, Inc. for exceptional reclamation and erosion control services.

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Exceptional Reclamation and Erosion Control Services

Improper land management and construction techniques can result in soil erosion and land degradation, making it challenging to construct structures and maintain the sustainability of natural resources. Human activities often cause this degradation. However, there is a solution. One can restore the land to a more productive, functional, and natural condition by addressing these issues through professional reclamation and erosion services.

At Grass Plus, Inc., we specialize in providing comprehensive reclamation and erosion control services. With over 30 years of experience, we have always shown our commitment to delivering exceptional results. We prioritize client satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations with our land reclamation and erosion control expertise. With our expertise, you can trust us to rehabilitate your land and preserve it in excellent condition.

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Our Reclamation and
Erosion Control Services

Whether it’s a simple one-acre project or one that spans several hundred, Grass Plus, Inc. ensures that your land will be ready for whatever purpose you need it for. Here’s what we promise with our services:

1. Soil Stabilization

At Grass Plus, Inc., we employ various techniques such as terracing, slope stabilization, and reinforcement measures to prevent soil erosion on steep slopes and vulnerable areas. Our goal is to ensure the long-term stability of the soil and protect the surrounding environment.
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2. Revegetation

We specialize in reintroducing vegetation to degraded or disturbed sites. By planting native grasses, trees, shrubs, or other appropriate vegetation, we aim to stabilize the soil, enhance biodiversity, and restore natural habitats. Our revegetation efforts contribute to the overall ecological health of the area.

3. Sediment and Erosion Control

Grass Plus, Inc. implements effective measures to minimize sediment runoff and control erosion. We install sediment barriers, erosion control blankets, silt fences, and sediment basins to capture and retain sediment before it reaches water bodies. Our expertise helps preserve water quality and prevent environmental degradation.

4. Stormwater Management

Our team specializes in designing and implementing stormwater management systems. We develop strategies to capture, store, and treat stormwater runoff, reduce erosion, and mitigate water pollution. Our approach ensures responsible stormwater management and minimizes its impact on the surrounding landscape.

5. Wetland Restoration

We’re committed to restoring and rehabilitating degraded or destroyed wetland ecosystems. Our team undertakes projects that involve creating or restoring wetland features, improving water quality, and reintroducing native plant and animal species. Our wetland restoration efforts contribute to the conservation of valuable habitats.

6. Streambank Stabilization

At Grass Plus, Inc., we implement effective erosion control measures along streambanks. Our techniques include installing riprap, utilizing bioengineering methods such as live stakes or coir logs, and employing vegetative solutions. These measures prevent bank erosion and maintain channel stability and protect watercourses.

7. Erosion Control for Construction Sites

We recognize the importance of erosion and sediment control during construction activities. We implement measures to prevent soil erosion and minimize the impact of sediment runoff on surrounding areas. Our expertise includes using erosion control blankets, sediment basins, and proper construction site management practices.

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Here are some of the most asked questions regarding reclamation and erosion control:
Reclamation is the process of restoring or rehabilitating land disturbed by human activities, such as mining, construction, or agriculture, to its original or productive state.
Erosion control involves implementing measures to prevent or minimize soil erosion and sediment loss caused by wind, water, or other natural processes. It aims to protect land, prevent pollution, and maintain soil fertility.
Both are important because they help mitigate the negative environmental impacts of land disturbance. They restore ecosystems, prevent habit degradation, enhance biodiversity, and provide economic opportunities for local communities.

There are various measures you can implement to prevent erosion. Some of the best ones are planting ground cover or vegetation, creating swales or berms to redirect water flow, installing retaining walls or erosion control structures, and minimizing impervious surfaces.

Yes, many countries have rules and policies in place to govern reclamation and erosion control practices. They aim to ensure that land disturbance activities occur in an environmentally responsible manner and that people take the appropriate measures to minimize erosion and promote reclamation.

Yes, companies and individuals can apply erosion control measures to projects of various scales, ranging from small residential properties to large-scale construction sites, highways, mining operations, and agricultural fields. The specific erosion control techniques may vary depending on the scale and nature of the project.

The duration can vary depending on factors such as the size of the area, the nature of the disturbance, the desired outcome, and the specific methods used. It can range from several months to several years.
Yes. Urban reclamation often focuses on converting brownfields or abandoned industrial sites into parks, green spaces, or mixed-use developments. It involves the remediation of contaminated soil, restoration of ecosystems, and enhancement of the livability of urban environments.
Yes, reclamation projects may face challenges such as managing invasive species or ensuring long-term maintenance and sustainability of reclaimed areas. These challenges require careful planning and monitoring.
Several benefits include job creation during reclamation, potential economic opportunities through land revitalization, and improved aesthetics and recreational spaces.

Yes, erosion control measures can play a role in preventing landslides. By stabilizing slopes, redirecting water flow, and improving soil structure, erosion control techniques can stabilize the land and minimize the likelihood of landslides.

They can significantly reduce soil erosion during heavy rain or storms. Techniques like terracing, grassed waterways, sediment basins, and retention ponds can handle increased water flow and lessen runoff velocity, minimizing erosion and sedimentation.

You can do so by monitoring factors such as soil erosion rates, sediment deposition, vegetation growth, water quality, and the stability of slopes. Regular inspections and data collection are essential to evaluate the performance and adjust the erosion control measures.

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The Importance of Reclamation and Erosion Control

Here are some of the advantages you can get from reclamation and erosion control:

1. Soil Conservation

Reclamation and erosion control measures prevent soil erosion, preserve fertility, and retain valuable nutrients. These measures maintain healthy ecosystems and support sustainable agriculture.

2. Environmental Protection

Reclamation and erosion control are vital in safeguarding natural habitats, wetlands, rivers, and lakes. These measures prevent sediment runoff, reduce pollution, and preserve water quality, ensuring the health of aquatic ecosystems.

3. Preventing Land Degradation

Erosion control measures can prevent land degradation, resulting in productive land loss, reduced biodiversity, and increased vulnerability to droughts and floods. Reclamation contributes to long-term land sustainability.

4. Infrastructure Protection

Erosion control measures are essential for protecting infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings. Reclamation efforts prevent erosion around these structures, reducing the risk of damage, ensuring public safety, and minimizing maintenance costs.

5. Aesthetic and Recreational Value

Reclamation improves the aesthetic value of landscapes, making them more visually appealing. They also create opportunities for recreational activities such as hiking, wildlife observation, and nature conservation and enhance community well-being.

6. Economic Benefits

Reclamation and erosion control support agriculture, tourism, and recreation industries. These measures maintain the productivity of agricultural lands, attract visitors to scenic areas, and create employment opportunities.

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