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Streamlined Field & Brush Mowing

A well-maintained landscape vegetation boasts healthy and visually appealing plants, shrubs, and grass. Field and brush mowing play a vital role in preserving such landscapes by controlling overgrowth, preventing fire hazards, and maintaining a neat appearance. At Grass Plus, Inc., we provide reliable field and brush mowing.

As a locally owned landscaping company with over three decades of experience, we specialize in providing effective field and brush mowing services. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure professional and efficient clearing of overgrown vegetation to help clients achieve well-manicured landscapes.

What Do You Need Our Field & Brush Mowing Services For

We employ efficient techniques to manage and control various types of vegetation, including:

1. Tall Grass

Field and brush mowing effectively cut down tall grasses that have grown excessively. These include species like Johnson grass, foxtail, or other grasses that have become overgrown and pose a visual or safety concern.

2. Weeds

Many types of weeds, such as thistles, dandelions, ragweed, and other invasive plants, can quickly take over an area if left uncontrolled. Field and brush mowing helps keep their growth in check, preventing them from spreading and competing with desired vegetation.

3. Brush and Shrubs

Field and brush mowing is useful for clearing brush and shrubs, including small trees and woody plants that have become dense and overgrown. Examples include brush species like blackberry bushes, sumac, or saplings that need to be controlled.

4. Overgrown Vegetation

Areas with overgrown vegetation, where native plants or grass have become unruly and difficult to manage, benefit from field and brush mowing. These can include untamed meadows, abandoned lots, or neglected landscapes.

5. Pastures and Agricultural Fields

Field and brush mowing is essential for maintaining pastures and agricultural fields by controlling grasses, weeds, and brush that compete with desirable forage or crops. Regular mowing promotes healthier grazing conditions and maximizes crop yields.

6. Wildfire Fuel Reduction

In fire-prone areas, we utilize our field and brush mowing methods to reduce the accumulation of dry grass and brush, decreasing the risk of wildfires by creating firebreaks and minimizing fuel sources.

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Benefits of Our Field & Brush Mowing Services

Our field and brush mowing serves several advantages, including:

1. Vegetation Control

It helps control the growth of unwanted plants, invasive species, and weeds, preventing them from overrunning desired vegetation.

2. Fire Prevention

By reducing the accumulation of dry grass and brush, field and brush mowing helps minimize the risk of wildfires, particularly in areas prone to dry conditions.

3. Safety and Accessibility

Clearing tall grass and brush improves visibility, safety, and accessibility, making it easier for people to navigate through the area, whether for recreational activities or maintenance purposes.

4. Pest and Wildfire Management

Mowing eliminates or disrupts habitats for pests, such as ticks and rodents, while reducing wildlife shelter and food sources that may pose safety risks.

5. Aesthetics

Field and brush mowing improves curb appeal and property value by enhancing the appearance of landscapes and creating a neat and well-maintained environment.

6. Agricultural and Pasture Management

In agricultural settings, field and brush mowing is essential for crop cultivation, as it allows better access to fields and prevents weed-crop competition. It also promotes healthier grazing conditions for livestock in pastures.

7. Environmental Preservation

By selectively clearing vegetation, field and brush mowing helps maintain the balance between human land use and preserves natural habitats and ecosystems.


Here are some of the most asked questions regarding field and brush mowing:

Field and brush mowing is the process of cutting and removing tall grass, weeds, brush, and vegetation in large open areas, such as fields, meadows, or overgrown areas.

Field and brush mowing is done by using various equipment such as rotary mowers, flail mowers, brush cutters, tractor-mounted mowers, or specialized brush mowing machines.

Field mowing typically involves cutting tall grasses and vegetation in open areas, while brush mowing focuses on removing thicker vegetation, shrubs, or small trees, often requiring more powerful equipment.

Due to their limited power and design, regular lawn mowers are typically unsuitable for field and brush mowing. It’s best to use specialized equipment that can handle taller grasses, thicker vegetation, and rough terrains.

Before mowing, clear the area of large debris, rocks, or objects that may damage the equipment. It’s also important to assess the terrain, mark any obstacles, and consider environmental or wildlife concerns.

To control weeds and invasive plants, consider using appropriate herbicides, implementing regular mowing schedules, employing selective mowing techniques, and promoting healthy vegetation to minimize weed growth.

Yes. Field and brush mowing can help reduce fuel load, decrease the risk of wildfires, and create firebreaks or defensible spaces by removing any vegetation that can fuel fires.

Signs that indicate the need for field and brush mowing include excessive vegetation height, encroachment on walkways or structures, reduced visibility, or when the area becomes visually unappealing.

Field and brush mowing is generally not recommended in wet or rainy conditions as it can lead to soil compaction, damage equipment, and hinder effective mowing. It is best to wait for dry conditions.

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