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For over 30 years, Grass Plus, Inc. has been Utah's trusted provider of professional landscaping design, maintenance, and construction services.

Our landscaping expertise spans across a wide range of sectors, including commercial developments, large-scale industrial projects, and residential estates.

With our extensive industry experience, you can trust us to build landscapes that enhance your property’s appearance, value, and sustainability. We help every property in our service area achieve the most beautiful, well-maintained landscaping possible. We proudly offer erosion control and hydroseeding services to the following areas:

Hydroseeding Services:

Erosion Control:

Creating Beautiful Utah Landscapes Since 1993

Grass Plus, Inc. guarantees exceptional services no matter where you are located. Our professional landscaping solutions extend to cities outside of Utah, including.

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Partner with our landscaping experts, and we’ll create exceptional outdoor spaces that support your goals. If you have inquiries regarding our landscaping solutions or want to book our professional services, call us today. We’ll assist you with your landscaping project.