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Discover the potential beneath your feet in Peterson with Grass Plus, Inc., where our landscaping in Peterson turns your outdoor challenges into verdant victories. Drought, erratic weather, or soil erosion can hamper your land’s utility and appeal, but our tailored landscaping solutions craft resilience and splendor into every yard.

Harness the power of professional touch with Grass Plus, Inc.’s landscaping services in Peterson, UT. Our dedicated team is your ally, transforming lackluster lawns and grounds into thriving, eco-friendly masterpieces that serve your vision and legacy.

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Creating Beautiful Utah Landscapes Since 1993

Our Expert Landscaping in Peterson

For over 30 years of experience, our skilled team has been providing comprehensive landscaping solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Our services include:


Nourish your grounds with our specialized fertilization services, a cornerstone of Peterson landscaping that ensures your vegetation thrives throughout the seasons.


Field & Brush Mowing

Tackle wild growth and maintain pristine open spaces with our field and brush mowing services—essential for the upkeep of Peterson, UT landscaping excellence.


Herbicide Application

Safeguard your landscape’s health with precise herbicide application. It prevents unwanted weeds from disrupting the natural balance of your landscaping in Peterson.


Irrigation Design Build & Install

Elevate your water management with our custom irrigation solutions, designed to ensure sustainability and efficiency in every drop for a flourishing Peterson ecosystem.


Landscape Design & Install

Transform your vision into reality with our comprehensive landscape design and installation services, where creativity meets the greenery of Peterson.


Laser Leveling

Achieve perfect symmetry and optimal drainage with our state-of-the-art laser leveling techniques. This is the best high-precision approach to sculpting the land.


Lawn Maintenance

Preserve the lushness and vitality of your turf with our meticulous lawn maintenance. We keep your slice of Peterson vibrant and inviting all year round.


Why Trust Us for Expert Landscaping in Peterson

Explore the perks of choosing the exceptional landscaping services offered by Grass Plus, Inc. in Peterson:

1. Unmatched Expertise

With Grass Plus, Inc., your Peterson landscaping benefits from over 30 years of industry-leading experience. We ensure each project meets the pinnacle of design and sustainability standards.

2. Customized Care

Peterson, UT landscaping thrives under our care as we tailor every service to meet your property’s unique environmental needs and aesthetic goals.

3. Proven Reliability

Entrust your Peterson landscaping to Grass Plus, Inc. and join a legacy of satisfied customers who count on our commitment to excellence and timely project completion.

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FAQs About Our Peterson, UT Landscaping Services

With over 30 years of experience, Grass Plus, Inc. employs skilled professionals, selects fine materials, and uses advanced techniques to ensure top-quality Peterson landscaping.
Yes! Our extensive experience includes successfully completing large-scale commercial, industrial, and residential landscaping projects with precision and expertise.
Our strong reputation, built on professionalism and reliability, assures timely completion and outstanding landscaping results for every Peterson landscaping project.
Absolutely! Our experts provide tailored landscaping services in Peterson, UT to meet your landscaping project’s specific environmental and aesthetic needs.
Yes, we are well-versed in addressing Peterson’s unique weather patterns and soil conditions to ensure sustainable and resilient landscaping.
Simply click the ‘Contact Us’ button on our website or call us at (385) 481-6788 to discuss your landscaping needs with one of our experts and begin transforming your outdoor space.

Yes, we offer ongoing maintenance services with programs tailored to the needs of your specific project. Our services ensure that your newly landscaped area remains as beautiful and healthy as the day it was completed.

We prioritize eco-friendly practices in all our projects, from using sustainable materials and native plants to implementing water-efficient irrigation systems. Our team ensures your landscape is both beautiful and beneficial to the environment.
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About Peterson, Utah

Nestled in the Wasatch Mountains, Peterson, Utah, is a place where the rush of the Weber River and the whispers of aspen leaves tell tales of serene beauty. It’s a city that cherishes its natural landscapes, where each home and community space is a canvas awaiting thoughtful strokes of greenery.

Residents of Peterson understand the value of harmonizing their living spaces with the surrounding natural splendor—Grass Plus, Inc. caters precisely to this need. Our experts enhance outdoor living areas while respecting the delicate ecological balance and ensure that the beauty of Peterson is reflected in every well-tended garden and lawn.

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