Landscape & Irrigation

Grass Plus, Inc. provides complete landscaping services for commercial and residential needs. Extreme heat in the summer can destroy landscaping in a hurry. Our irrigation systems in Utah are designed to handle drought-like conditions. Are you facing water restrictions in Utah? We provide commercial and residential irrigation systems that are designed for the landscape of your county regulations.

Meet with our team of specialists as we focus on making your property look attractive and inviting with little maintenance and upkeep on your end. Our irrigation systems are designed correctly to provide plenty of water to all areas of the property without causing the vegetation to die. We have years of experience installing a variety of irrigation systems for all properties from drip irrigation to computer irrigation systems, we can help!

What is the Best Irrigation System for Commercial Property?

Keeping your commercial property looking attractive requires the right irrigation system. Grass Plus uses monitoring tools and modern technology to install a watering system designed to correctly water the property. We schedule irrigation times based on city regulations and the best watering time based on temperature and the property specifications. We consider wind, sun, rain, and other weather conditions when we develop a landscaping plan for your commercial property. Our irrigation services include:

  • Irrigation system installation and repair
  • Drip system installation and repair
  • Sprinkler head and pipe repair
  • Sprinkler timer repair
  • Irrigation timer repair
  • Valve repair

Contact Grass Plus Inc. today to learn more about our commercial and residential irrigation products and services.